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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of Sale do not exclude or limit the mandatory provisions of the law, which cannot be amended or repealed by agreement. These Terms and Conditions govern cooperation between business entities and do not apply to consumers, who are not authorized to use the website.


  • Entrepreneur - is a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit conducting commercial or professional activities on his own behalf.
  • Client - is synonymous with an Entrepreneur who utilizes the services of Sentiell Online Wholesale.
  • Consumer - is a natural person engaged in a legal action related to the Entrepreneur, not directly connected to the Entrepreneur's business or professional activity.
  • Business Partner - is a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit running a business or professional activities in its own name who co-operates with Sentiell on the basis of Dropshipping service.


  • The brand Sentiell is a property of the Firma Handlowo Usługowa (FHU) Eko Łukasz Rzepka, Pancernych 7 street, 64-100 Leszno, VAT PL6972087948, REGON 300826914. Established for the purpose of wholesale trade on-line and has the following domains assigned: sentiell.eu, sentiell.com, sentiell.co.uk, sentiell.de, sentiell.cz, sentiell.fr. General terms are specified at and sales in Europe, as well as outside Europe are carried out via the sentiell.com root domain or one of other domains listed above.
  • The Internet domain www.sentiell.pl which allows placing and receiving wholesale orders for jewellery is a property of Firma Handlowo Usługowa Eko Łukasz Rzepka, headquartered in Leszno at Pancernych 7, 64-100 Leszno, entered in the register of economic activity under number 23483/2010.
  • The website can be used for the purpose of entering into sales contracts, by any Entrepreneur, hereinafter referred to as the client who is a natural person with a full legal capacity and registered as operating a business enterprise who sets up his own account on the website, providing all data necessary for registration, which will be deemed equivalent to expressing willingness to use Sentiell Online Wholesale website on the basis of cooperation between companies. (Art. 43)
  • The website can be used after a prior approval of these Terms and Conditions undertaking to comply with all the rules contained herein. The client accepts the Terms and Conditions in particular by registering their business using the Sentiell.com website and placing an order.
  • The client database of Firma Handlowo Usługowa Eko Łukasz Rzepka has been registered with the register of personal databases of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, as it meets the requirements of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997.
  • Jewellery goods have specific characteristics that should be considered when purchasing and perusing the product description:
    • Each of the products is unique due to minimal differences between the items, which also applies to parts of the products (gems, precious stones).
    • The products are mostly small in size. Photographs showing the product are for reference only and are not meant to present the product in its actual size. For this purpose, product description and technical specifications are provided.
    • The difference between the photograph of the product and its actual appearance resulting from device display settings (e.g. color of the product, proportions etc.) do not constitute grounds for complaints.
  • Photos posted on the website are the property of Sentiell.cz FHU Eko Łukasz Rzepka. Copying and publishing them on other websites is prohibited. The client of Sentiell Online Wholesale will have the opportunity to ask for photographic support while placing an order, according to photographic support's offer, described in §5. Violation of this prohibition constitutes grounds for drawing the consequences related to copyrights.
  • Characteristics of the products are described in detail in the Product Information - specifications.
  • All prices are given as net values in the selected currency and do not include shipping costs.
  • Gross prices are shown on the individual product pages.Currencies available on the site: CZK, EUR, PLN.
  • Sentiell shall not accept any packages sent at its expense without its prior written consent.
  • Jewellery, in accordance with the regulations, is hallmarked by Państwowy Urząd Probierczy (State Assay Office). Silver products in which the amount of silver does not exceed 5 grams per piece are exempt from hallmarking by the Assay Office. See the list of Polish Hallmarks.
  • All products sold by the Sentiell Online Wholesale are new and carefully inspected before shipment in order to detect any physical defects. All goods purchased in the Sentiell Wholesale are covered by a 12-month guarantee against hidden defects of the product. The warranty period is counted from the date of receipt of the ordered products.
  • Every year in the period from December 31 for about 15 days the Sentiell Online Wholesale shall suspend execution of orders in order to carry out an inventory of stocks. Therefore, in this period, sending out packages will be impossible. Each time, a few days before the inventory period Sentiell's clients shall be notified of this fact, via the newsletter and Toplayer located on the www.sentiell.cz homepage. Therefore, clients are kindly requested not to pursue claims for damages on this basis. This rule applies especially to Business Partners, as concessions are not possible.

  • Persons authorized to place orders for goods shall be exclusively the clients of the Sentiell Online Wholesale.
  • To obtain the status of client of Sentiell Online Wholesale it is necessary to follow the steps below:
    • Register on Sentiell Online Wholesale website.
    • Activate the account by accessing the link sent to the e-mail address of the client.
    • Wait for verification and full access to the account. Log into Sentiell Online Wholesale website using the Login and the Password.
    • In some cases, Sentiell's Customer Service may request documents confirming ongoing commercial activity of the business.
  • By completing the order form and sending it to Sentiell, the client submits an offer to purchase goods within the meaning of the Civil Code. (Art 66)
  • The client shall fill out the form correctly, that is complete all the fields and provide information in accordance with the actual state.
  • Orders can be placed around the clock every day of the year. The client is bound by the offer to buy, for 7 days from the date of placing the order with www.sentiell.cz, the time is counted from the moment Sentiell sends the confirmation of receipt, and:
    • receipt of an order confirmation message received on a business day between the 07.30 and 15.30 (local time), is tantamount to accepting the offer of the client on the same day,
    • if an order confirmation message is received at a different time than indicated above, the offer of the client shall be deemed to have been lodged on the first working day following the date of the confirmation message. The working day is any day from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.
  • Each product constitutes a separate order.
  • Sentiell reserves the right to restrict the payment method or to require prepayment.
  • The Sentiell Online Wholesale website is one of the tools Sentiell uses to communicate with clients, therefore, not all of the products presented on the Sentiell Online Wholesale website may be available for purchase via the Internet. Presentation of goods on the Sentiell Online Wholesale website does not lead to the obligation to sell the goods on the side of Sentiell. The conclusion of the contract of sale requires placing an order by the client and the verification of the order by Sentiell, including the availability of goods. Some products may be at any time withdrawn from sale at the Sentiell Online Wholesale website or may be temporarily unavailable.
  • The first order placed in Sentiell Online Wholesale must not have a value of the products, lower than 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł net. (excluding shipping cost & payment fee). Placing one order with the value of the products not least than 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł net entitles the client to place two orders with the value of the products lower than 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł net, but not lower than 600,00 Kč / 25,00 € / 100,00 zł net each. These orders can be placed within 30 days from the date of the order, for the amount not least than 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł net. This cycle is repetitive.
    • One order with products value no less than 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł net = opportunity to make two orders of minimum products value of 600,00 Kč / 25,00 € / 100,00 zł net each within 30 days.
  • Notes to the courier are purely informational and entering them shall not guarantee the courier meet the instructions.

  • Sentiell reserves the right to change products and prices of goods on sale on the website and to carry out and cancel all types of promotional actions or seasonal sales, or to make changes to those promotions. The price of each product is binding upon acceptance of the order by Sentiell.
  • The prices shown on our website may be changed depending on the metal and currency exchange market, of which the client will be informed before the realization of the order.
  • The client can modify the order or cancel the order by sending an e-mail or by calling Sentiell at +48 728 685 455 prior to the commencement of processing of the order.
  • Sentiell reserves the right to refuse an order if the prices of the goods ordered were set at the incorrect level as a result of human or sales system error.
  • Sentiell reserves the right to refuse the implementation of the orders which raise reservations, including those in which the order form is not completed or is incorrectly filled, in particular, if there is no phone number or e-mail address, or orders whose fulfillment becomes impossible due to changes in prices or unavailability of goods.

    Order completion times and receipt of packages:

  • The procurement that is already made will be realized no later than 24h after booking the payment from Sentiell bank account to sales system in our wholesale. The shipment that is “ready to be sent” is handed to spedition company chosen by a client, from those available on our website. The warranty of the dispatch of the procurement in the same day of order realization is booking the payment in our sales system until 12:00 noon. The realization of procurement which payment is booked after this hour can be postponed to the next working day.
  • Shipping costs shall be determined on the basis of the weight of the package and the price list of the selected courier. Dispatch to locations given in Out of Delivery Areas FedEx list involves additional fees (not included in shipping costs calculated while placing an order). Sentiell's Customer Service will change the delivery costs after acceptance of the order and the client will be informed in order to accept this additional cost or cancel the order.
  • Delivery of the shipment containing the ordered goods to the address specified by the client shall be carried out using a courier company, in accordance with its terms and conditions. By placing the order, the client accepts the terms and conditions of the courier company. The selected courier company shall only be changed in exceptional circumstances of which change the client placing the order shall be notified each time before the date of order's realization.
  • The courier delivers packages between 09:00 and 18:00. If the client is not available at the address indicated in the order to receive the package, the courier shall leave an advice note. In some cases, after a failed attempt to deliver the package it will be sent to the parcel collection point nearest to the client.
  • All goods sent by Sentiell via courier shall be covered by compulsory insurance. If the client selects the Polish Post Office services, which do not contain information on insurance, the client shall consciously assume full responsibility for non-delivery or loss of the package and shall have no right to demand compensation or reimbursement of the order value.
  • Insured foreign packages shall be shipped solely and exclusively through the Fedex courier company. All costs associated with overseas shipping shall be covered by the client.
  • The seller is not responsible for failure to meet the delivery deadline for reasons beyond his control, in particular in the case of force majeure. In the event of occurrences preventing the processing of the order by the date indicated on the Sentiell Online Wholesale website, the Customer Service shall promptly notify the client and provide the expected delivery time. In this case, the client can cancel the order.
  • International packages shipped by courier FedEx should arrive within 2-7 working days counting from the date of dispatch of the order by a courier. Shipping time of international packages shipped via Polish Post is 3 to 14 working days. More specific information about delivery will be given during the checkout before submitting his order. The system calculates the delivery time including only non-working days and is dependent on payment realization time and the destination country, that have been chosen. Time given in T&C and during order checkout is an estimation and does not constitute grounds for complaints. The exact delivery time is defined by the tracking number given in the order dispatching confirmation message.
  • If the ordered goods do not arrive at the client in designated time, and courier company report to Sentiell, the loss of the package, then Sentiell send a package with new products immediately, without waiting for the consignment to reduce the waiting time for shipping the goods. If inventory does not allow for the full restoration of the contract, the amount of the value of products that are not sent will go to the client's account balance for reuse.
  • At the time of delivery and before accepting the package, the client must, in the presence of the courier:
    • Check the general condition of the package and make sure the packaging is intact,
    • If the package is intact, open the package and check if its content is in accordance with the order and whether the goods are not damaged. If necessary, a report should be prepared in the presence of the courier or postman immediately and the seller should be contacted at the earliest opportunity.

      If the client finds that:

    • the package is damaged or open
    • the contents of the package is not in accordance with the order
    • the goods are damaged
    • the client shall refuse to accept the goods, prepare a report in the presence of the courier and as soon as possible contact Sentiell through the website, failing which the goods shall be deemed delivered to the client in a condition in accordance with the contract.

  • The risk of loss or damage to the goods transfers to the client at the time of confirming the receipt of the package.
  • Checking the package upon receipt and preparation of the written report in the presence of the courier or postman is the basis for Sentiell recognising any complaints as to the goods delivered not being in accordance with the Contract.
  • If the client delays the receipt of Goods from the carrier by 10 days or more for unjustified reasons, Sentiell shall deem that the client has exercised his right of withdrawal from contract and shall refund the payment to the client, minus the cost of delivery and the equivalent return shipping costs by the delivery method selected by the client.

  • Invoices:

  • Each completed order shall be accompanied by the original VAT invoice, issued after all the data needed for the issue is received.
  • The invoice should be retained for possible refunds or complaints.

  • The client shall pay for the ordered goods using the payment methods indicated on the website.
  • Offered methods of payment: wire transfer, PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, Maestro.
  • Credit card and e-transfer transactions shall be carried out through the Settlement Centre IAI-Pay/Przelewy24, free of charge or PayPal which shall be subject to an additional charge calculated during the checkout.
  • The method of the settlement: prepayment.
  • Payments shall only be confirmed on the basis of payment list generated directly from the Sentiell bank account. Presentation of a document confirming the payment by the client shall not result in accepting the payment or the payment being booked.
  • Before making the payment with bank transfer the client is committed to validating bank account number assigned to the appropriate settlement currency. Sentiell shall not be responsible for the currency conversion resulting from choosing incorrect bank account assigned to a specific settlement currency. The cost of currency conversion shall be covered by the client and they are not included in the value of the contract.
  • Available bank accounts for a specific currency:
    • CZK - PL 03 1140 2004 0000 3112 1110 6467
    • PLN - PL 47 1140 2017 0000 4802 1307 4140
    • EUR - PL 13 1140 2017 0000 4212 0086 2227


    In order to use the option of photographic support, it is necessary to place an order. The photographic support applies only to purchased products from processed orders. Photos shall be downloaded directly via specific tool from Sentiell website in client area.

  • The photographic support includes a one-time creation of a .zip file with photographs that shall be downloaded as collective content or as a single photograph in a .jpg and .webp format, or it shall be downloaded as .csv offer.
    • Images of products introduced into Sentiell's offer in 2011 – 2020 and available to the wholesale clients are professional products' photographs in a .jpg format with a white background and dimensions of 568 x 568 which do not contain a watermark.
    • Images of products introduced into Sentiell's offer from 2021 and available to the wholesale clients are professional products' photographs in a .jpg format with a white background and photographs in .webp format without background with dimensions of 1200 x 1200 which do not contain a watermark.
    • The .csv file contains the following data:

      1. Product ID
      2. Currency
      3. Code
      4. Manufacturer
      5. Measure unit
      6. Wholesale gross price
      7. Wholesale net price
      8. VAT rate
      1. Gross price of size
      2. Net price of size
      3. Size ID
      4. Size name
      5. Product picture
      6. Product icon
      7. Product name
      8. Description
  • Copyright is not transferred with the photographic support offer. Publishing of photographs is permitted solely for marketing and sales purposes of products purchased in Sentiell Online Wholesale. Resale of photos is prohibited. Handling and publishing the graphics showing particular products applies only to clients, who purchased those products and didn't exercise the right of withdrawal for those products.
  • Downloading of the file shall not be limited in time, and it may take place anytime but not earlier than after the full processing of the order.
  • Photos of our models presenting Sentiell's jewellery are excluded from the photographic support's offer. Copying and using them for marketing and sales purposes is strictly prohibited and will constitute grounds for termination of cooperation with Sentiell Wholesale and draw the consequences related to copyrights.
  • The photographic support is an optional service and its temporary non-availability does not constitute grounds for breaching of the sales contract.
  • Photographic support does not include custom-made products, not introduced to Sentiell's offer.
  • In some cases, Sentiell reserves the right to create .zip file with photographs via a different tool and to use image hosting sites in order to provide images. The client shall be informed about the possibility to download photographs by e-mail and only to those e-mail addresses assigned to a client wholesale account.
  • Any discrepancy or malfunction related to service of photographic support shall be reported directly to graphic@sentiell.com.

  • The client has the right to withdraw from the contract with Sentiell Online Wholesale within 10 days of receipt of the package, by submitting a declaration in writing or by using the return module available when logged into the client Panel, and immediately informing Sentiell, before returning the goods.
  • The clients of Sentiell Online Wholesale are requested to carefully review the jewellery as soon as it is received, and no later than 7 days from the date of receipt of the products.
  • The right of withdrawal is not applicable in cases of goods having the characteristics specified by the client in the placed order, or closely associated with the client, for example, sourced on request.
  • The declaration template is available here.
  • At the time of making the declaration the client is obliged to return the goods in an unaltered state, that is:
    • goods must bear tags, goods must be unworn, unused, unaltered etc.,
    • The costs of the return shipment shall be covered by the client.
    • The client will receive a refund equivalent to the value of the goods returned to Sentiell to their account balance, immediately upon receipt and inspection of the products from return shipment, but not later than 14 days from the date of its receipt.
    • If the value of the returned goods subtracted from the value of the placed order is not eligible for free shipping, the amount refunded for returned products shall be reduced by the cost of shipping the original order.
    • The amount for returned goods can also be reimbursed in accordance with the manner it was originally paid i.e. bank transfer or PayPal, IAI-Pay, Przelewy24, PayU, etc. only at the express request of the client.
    • Fees associated with reimbursement of the payments for returned products shall be covered by the client.
  • Sentiell shall not be held responsible for any damage to the goods during return shipping arranged by the client.
  • If the client returns goods for which return is not authorized or which are not complete, or show signs of use, or return of the package has not been paid by the client, and also if other requirements of an effective withdrawal from contract are not met, Sentiell reserves the right not to accept the return of goods and to refuse to reimburse the payment or to charge reasonable costs to the user, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

  • Complaints should be submitted to the Complaints Department (RMA), available by logging into the client's account. Simply fill out the appropriate form.
    • Failure to notify the RMA department or returning products without proper documentation may result in a delay in processing the complaint.
  • Complaints are considered only if the product has a hidden defect or does not have the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.
  • The right to complain is valid for one year from the date of receipt of the order.
  • Complaints may be dealt with remotely or after returning the product to Sentiell, with the costs covered by the client.
    • If choosing to resolve the complaint remotely, the client shall submit a comprehensive photographic documentation of the product along with a description of damage, date of purchase, or the order number to the info@sentiell.com e-mail address.
  • If a remote resolution is not possible, Sentiell may require a return of the product for a thorough examination.
  • If the client decides not to return the products, after accepting the complaint as valid, Sentiell shall reimburse the payment, reduced by the amount equal to the value of the raw silver used to produce the goods.
  • The amount by which the reimbursed product value is reduced shall be based on the weight of the finished product specified on the product page, multiplied by the current unit price of the raw material on the world market.
    • Sentiell shall not be held responsible for any damage to the goods during return shipping arranged by the client.
  • The complained products can be sent collectively but no later that 3 months after the first product defects has been found. It is necessary to protect it properly because SENTIELL will not be responsible for damages occurred during transportation made on behalf of the client.
  • We process your complaint within 14 days from the day of receipt of return shipment.
  • If the client returns the product, and the complaint is recognised, Sentiell shall reimburse the value of the returned goods to the client's account balance. Complaints submitted to Sentiell after the end of the guarantee period or not accepted as valid may result in an additional fee associated with returning the goods to the client, such a return shall be made only at the express request of the client. Otherwise, Sentiell shall retain the product, and the client's account shall be reimbursed for the actual value of the silver used to produce the product.
  • If the product is affected by mechanical damage of external origin, i.e. cracks, fractures, stretching, bending, warping due to external force or discolorations after being subjected to cleaning agents, perfumes, acids, etc. that can affect the coating of the product, or the product is not complete (there is a lack of any element, including gemstones, lost as a result of improper use), the client may not invoke the guaranteed rights, the right to withdraw from the contract, or any other. The guarantee also does not cover:
    • gold plated, rhodium plated and anodized coatings;
    • the process of oxidation of the unplated silver, manifested by yellowing of jewellery. Oxidation is a natural process occurring after some time on silver in contact with air;
    • any interference with the product, defined as resizing rings, replacement of the stone, engraver and all kinds of services made on jewellery made by third parties other than Sentiell.


  • Promotional sales include only a limited number of products and the orders are fulfilled on the first come first served basis, while stocks last.
  • Cumulative discounts, order value discounts and free goods, goods quantity discount on, client loyalty cards, promotional codes and promotional periods do not add up.
    • Cumulative Discount - calculated on the basis of the cumulative value of several orders placed within a period no longer than 30 days. The system assigns a specific discount value when the designated total value for subsequent orders is exceeded.
    • Order Value Discount - are calculated on the basis of a single order, with no time restrictions. The system assigns the value of the discount on the basis of the values specified in § 8 point 6.
    • Freebies - only one freebie may be chosen to the order. Freebie's availability is determined on the basis of the value of one order unless the system allows to choose it. Merging several orders does not guarantee the receipt of all freebies chosen to the orders. Obtaining a freebie is possible only when chosen it among the freebies visible during making order.
    • Goods Quantity Discount - calculated on the basis of the ordered quantity of the same product range, its value is set for each individual product.
    • Client Loyalty Card - a card entitling to purchases at a fixed discount rate.
    • Promotional codes and promotional periods - offer codes sent during particular periods or upon fulfilment of certain conditions of promotional campaigns sent via e-mail.
  • Unless it is specified in the promotional campaign, discount codes are only for a single use. Their validity is limited by the expiration date and they apply only to the minimum value of the products in the order - net. 3000,00 Kč / 120,00 € / 500,00 zł . After that date, there is no possibility to generate the code manually or to reduce the value of an order upon the client's request.
  • Typing the discount code in notes to order will not guarantee the code activation. In this case, the system will not activate the code automatically.
  • The order shall be processed provided the item is available in stock, and its physical condition has been confirmed.
  • The size of discounts granted with prepaid orders depends on the number and price of purchased goods:
    • 2000,00 zł net. – 3%
      3000,00 zł net. – 4%
      4000,00 zł net. – 5%
      5000,00 zł net. – 6%
      6000,00 zł net. – 7%
      7000,00 zł net. – 8%
      8000,00 zł net. – 9%
      9000,00 zł net. – 10%
      10 000,00 zł net. - 11%
      12 000,00 zł net. - 12%

    • The maximum rate of the discount is 12%.
  • The discount granted on the basis of a certain order value may differ from the above-described values if the order includes products that are on sale or are subject to promotional campaigns. For such products, the greater of the applicable promotional discounts shall be applied.

  • The client can request information in the form of a newsletter from Sentiell Online Wholesale to be sent to the e-mail address the client provides. By requesting the Newsletter the client declares having the right to use the e-mail address to which the Newsletter is to be sent.
  • Consent to receive the newsletter given during the time of registration on Sentiell Online Wholesale website by clicking” I want to receive the Newsletter” and is required to start cooperation with Sentiell Online Wholesale.
  • The client may cancel the subscription to the Newsletter at any time using the account settings at www.sentiell.cz.

  • These Terms & Conditions shall be made available to all clients at the Sentiell headquarters and on the www.sentiell.cz website.
  • Any changes to these Terms and Conditions shall apply from the date of their publication on the Sentiell website. The changes shall not apply to orders made before the change of the Terms and Conditions which shall be processed based on the existing terms unless the client requests the application of the changed terms to his order.
  • In the case of conflict between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the mandatory rules of the Civil Code, the provisions of the latter shall apply and the remaining part of the Terms and Conditions shall remain in force.
  • Disputes arising from the processing and fulfilment of the sales Contract shall be settled by the Court of general jurisdiction competent for the Sentiell residence.
  • These Terms and Conditions come into force on the 30 of April 2015.
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