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Add products by adding codes

Add a CSV file
Enter the product codes that you want to add to the basket in bulk (separated by commas, with a space, or from a new line). Repeating the code many times will add this item as many times as it appears.


What happens if I have received an order with an incorrect/missing product?

Please contact us immediately. We guarantee to solve this situation in your favor.

How to complain about a product in which I detected hidden fault after the delivery?

All you need to do is place a formal complaint using the RMA module. Learn more.

How to complain about a product which hidden fault was revealed after it had been sold to my client?

Remember, that we make every effort to detect any defects since production, through the preparation of products for sale, as well as during the preparation of your order, where each product goes through 2-step verification process. We put a great emphasis on providing you only with non defective products. However, if a product reveals a hidden defect after receiving the goods, we hope for your understanding, by offering you a convenient way of complaint.

Collective returns of defective products

We provide an option of collective return of defective products, collected from several recent orders whose defects have been noticed before being sold to the consumer. Always remember to comply with the warranty period of product that you purchased the earliest. The faulty goods should be sent no later than 3 months after the first product defects has been found. Complaints should be submitted via the RMA Department, no earlier than a moment before returning the products. It is recommended to send the faulty products back minimum two weeks before the planned date of placing a new order.

How to file a complaint?

To file complaints you should use the RMA Complaints Department, which is available after logging into the Sentiell website and is located in the Your Account tab. Using another method of complaint and/or failure to submit proper documentation may result delays in issuing of decision.

One complaint in the RMA may relate only to one product. This is due to the fact that each product must be examined individually and then opinion is given.

Remember! When you make a complaint in RMA Department, you have to indicate a product code and order number from which the particular product comes. Moreover, when you’re preparing a parcel, insert a note with complaint number or order number and product code into the parcel or print a complaint form for us.

Complaints from your consumers

If a product, which had been sold, have revealed a hidden defect, and you have received a complaint from your client, remember, it’s up to you to make a decision about this complaint and to inform your client within 14 days. If, in your opinion, the product complaint is very likely to be accepted by Sentiell Wholesale, we recommend offering consumers an opportunity to exchange a product for another, free from defects, or returning money on your own. These products can be sent back collectively, as long as the type of damage is covered by warranty.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • mechanical damage of external origin, i.e. .: cracks, fractures, stretching, bending, crushing
  • discolouration that appeared after using agents which may affect the coating of the product, i.e.: detergents, perfumes, acids, etc.,
  • incomplete products (there is a lack of any element, including gemstones, lost as a result of improper use).
  • abrasion of coating: rhodium-plating, anodizing, gilding, oxidation.
  • the process of oxidation of the unplated silver, manifested by yellowing of jewellery. Oxidation is a natural process occurring after some time on silver in contact with air.
  • The product should be sent to:

    Sentiell Wholesale Store
    ul. Pancernych 7
    64-100 Leszno (POLAND)

    If you return the product, make sure that the guarantee period of the defective products haven’t expired.

    Make sure that the product is properly packaged to prevent damage during the shipping, because you are the owner of the product until a positive response to the complaint is made.

    Complaint decisions

    If you receive a positive response to your complaint, we usually reimburse the costs of the product into your balance in the Sentiell Wholesale Store for reuse. However, this involves issuing additional documents, corrective invoices for each order from which the faulty product comes. If you want to avoid issuing unnecessary documents, after having examined the complaint, we can offer you an exchange for products free of defects. We will ship these products with a subsequent order. The exchange option is only possible if the product has been sent back within three months from the date of purchase. Return defective products after that date may result in the product being out of stock.

    Complaints submitted to Sentiell after the end of the guarantee period or not accepted as valid may result in an additional fee associated with returning the goods to the client, such a return shall be made only at the express request of the client. Otherwise, Sentiell shall retain the product, and the client's account shall be reimbursed for the actual value of the silver used to produce the product calculated on the basis of prices on the stock market.