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How we measure jewelry?

We have prepared brief information about how we measure our jewelry.
Let it be an indication for you, while choosing products.

At the same time we remind you that the product photos are for reference purposes only, and they are not meant to present the product in its actual size. In order to determine the product size you can make use of the product description and technical specifications on its page. The difference between the photograph of the product and its actual appearance resulting from device display settings (e.g. colour of the product, proportions etc.) do not constitute grounds for complaints.

Earrings dimensions:

Earrings dimensions are given in millimetres.

  • Stud Earrings are given in the form of a length x width format.

  • Dangle Earrings dimensions and others always are given according to the pattern:
    • Length is measured from top to bottom, including the clasp.
    • Width is always measured at the widest point.
    • Diameter is given for flower or ball shaped earrings.

Rings dimensions:

Rings dimensions are always given in millimetres.

  • Width - for rings without decorative elements, is the widest point of the ring shank.
  • Diameter - is given when the decorative element, zircon or gem stone is round.
  • Dimensions - if the shape of decorative element has two different dimensions, they are given in length x width format.

Chains and bracelets dimensions:

Width and diameter of chains and bracelets is given in millimetres, whereas length is given in centimetres.

  • Width of the element of bracelets and chains made up of repetitive elements is measured in the widest point of this repetitive element. If those decorative elements are different sizes, then the width of the widest element is given.
  • Diameter is given for chains and bracelets with a cross section of the cylinder.
  • Width is measured when bracelets and necklaces are "flat" or have a shape different from a cylinder.
  • Length is measured always with the clasp, as a real length of fastened bracelet or chain. If products has an adjustable length we always give the shortest possible length and the longest possible length.

Thickness is determined by symbols such as: Ø020, Ø150, Ø220 etc. Those are production symbols, which for average client do not say too much about the product. We recommend using the information about the width or diameter of the product appearing in its description.

Pendant Dimensions:

Dimensions of pendants are given in milometers.

  • Length, as shown in the picture, is measured from top to bottom, including the bail.
  • Width is always measured at the widest point of the pendant.