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Add products by adding codes

Add a CSV file
Enter the product codes that you want to add to the basket in bulk (separated by commas, with a space, or from a new line). Repeating the code many times will add this item as many times as it appears.


How do I pay for my purchase?

If you had ordered products in the Sentiell Wholesale and you didn't pay for it immediately, you can still make the payment within the next 10 days. All you need to do is log in and go to "My Orders" tab, find the unpaid order and make payment choosing the most convenient method of payment. Other payment methods.

Does the payment confirmation speed up the order processing?

Unfortunately not. If you didn’t use the automatic payment, it is necessary to book your money transfer, that covers the full value of the order, from the Sentiell's bank account to sales system in our wholesale. In this way we are able to begin the order processing. Payments are processed twice a day, around 9 and 12 o'clock.

Will I incur any additional fees for currency conversion when I use electronic payments?

The electronic payment systems don’t charge any additional fees for currency conversion. More information HERE.

What happens to the overpayment or underpayment of value for the order that you have placed?

Remember that the security of your money is very important to us. To process your order, we must receive a specified amount resulting from the order value. If, for some reason, there has been an overpayment, your money will be transferred to the balance in the wholesale. The remaining balance may be applied to future purchases. Unfortunately, an underpayment means delays in the order processing. So, if you don’t want to waste your time, make sure to complete the rest of the payment to add the value of underpayment.

How can I change the currency before placing an order?

You can change the settlement currency before or during placing an order. You just need to click the flag icon in the top-right corner and settle on the currency. Remember, we will issue invoice in a currency you apply. Always choose the currency in which you want to pay your order. If you choose "bank transfer" as payment method, after you finish purchasing process, our system will indicate the proper bank account number corresponding to the right currency.

How can I change the currency of already placed order?

To do it right you have to edit your order. Go to order editing, then apply the right currency and go through the whole process step-by-step selecting payment method once again. Confirm order editing and if you choose "bank transfer" as payment method, our system will indicate the proper bank account number corresponding to the right currency. If there is no possibility to edit your order, contact us and ask to change settlement currency to the correct one. The customer service will take the proper actions and ultimately we will send you the payment request with chosen currency.

Can I place an order in EUR but pay for it from GBP bank account or different bank account of other currency?

Unfortunately no, you can’t. If you pay for example in GBP to euro bank account, the bank will convert the currency, and then we will receive less than the actual order value. In such a situation, your order will be suspended until you pay the missing amount. Remember that we will issue invoice in a currency you have chosen.